Learn to ring with an ART teacher

Welcome to the world of bell ringing; what an interesting world you've decided to explore. Once gained, bell ringing is a skill for life, and can open up a lifetime of experiences and enjoyment. You can play some of the biggest instruments in the world... and some of the smallest.

Learning to ring with an ART teacher means you will be taught using the latest teaching methods. All our members adhere to ART safeguarding policies and are DBS checked. You will be registered on to the Learning the Ropes Scheme; a progressive learning scheme for new ringers, which breaks down learning to ring into clearly defined chunks, giving you a sense of progress in developing a skill that in reality can take years to master.

In line with other hobbies and sports, achievement is celebrated with certificates and awards. Your successes will be recognised online and in the weekly, international, bell ringing magazine, The Ringing World.

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Interested in learning to ring?

If you are interested in learning to ring then contact Rose, the ART Administrator, who will help you find an ART teacher near to you.

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What do ringers say?

I feel so much more confident, having completed Level 1. Knowing how to handle correctly, having plenty of encouragement to rectify mistakes, and all in a structured way, has really helped me. I’m really enjoying bell ringing and so keen to get on to the next level.”

Taking up bell ringing at the age of 61 has not been the easiest thing I have done. It has taken me 5 years to achieve Level 5. Could I have done it quicker? Possibly, but I would have needed to ring more frequently with experienced ringers. I view achieving Level 5 akin to passing a professional exam. I now need to go out and learn how to do it properly!"

Learning to ring has been a great experience. I have met so many people and rung in over 100 different towers in and around Warwickshire, particularly with our Monday ringing group, the Wombells. I have also rung in Devon and Cornwall, the Channel Isles and for my son’s wedding."

Jan is the perfect teacher for me. She has been encouraging and supportive and her method of teaching has helped me no end. I am really enjoying Learning the Ropes!”

Warmly welcomed by the other ringers, I worked with Chris using Learning the Ropes to eradicate my bad habits and started to make progress. Realising that in Chris I had found the perfect teacher, I told her I was completely willing to start from scratch and perfect my technique."

What Ian and his mentor, Mark, have demonstrated to me is that the methodology they have employed is one of learner centred environment, and one I would highly recommend to all those who are embarking on the journey I have undertaken."

Why do I love ringing? For me, it is a Zen like activity. Once I am ringing steadily and in the zone, everything else just melts away. There is only room in my head for the moment. I suppose it is a form of mindfulness. That, and a pure, unalloyed joy that comes from somewhere deep inside myself, that I don't think I have ever tapped in to before."