Volunteering is at the heart of ART. A wide range of people from a variety of different backgrounds volunteer with us. Some work, some are students, some are retired or unemployed. They are old and young and come from diverse backgrounds. Some are good ringers, some are good teachers; many are both.

As a charity we are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for everyone who wants to volunteer with us. If you’re thinking about volunteering for ART, and are committed to the charity’s purpose of improving the learning experience of new ringers, then have a look to see how our volunteers are making a difference. We hope they’ll inspire you to volunteer with us.

» See how our volunteers are making a difference

Volunteer Opportunities


Join our Comms Team

We have lots of ideas but not enough people to realise them. If you'd like to spread the word and help us share best practice then please get in contact.

» Talk to Rob


Volunteer as a Tutor

We need experienced teachers with excellent presentation skills to become ART tutors or workshop leaders. At the moment we are particularly interested in recruiting tutors for our Module 2 courses.

» Talk to Graham


Good at IT?

ART is reliant on IT to deliver its services and resources. If you have experience in WordPress, javascript or servers then we desperately need your help.

» Talk to Rob


Do you have a few hours to spare?

There are plenty of jobs to be done. Whether you have a little bit of time to spare each week or would like to take part in an one-off project using your professional skills we have a long list of things that need doing.

» Talk to Lesley

If you want to help ART in any capacity then please have a chat with our Chairman, Lesley Belcher. We would be delighted to work with you.