Canada Remembers

A request came in from Canada from someone interested in the Armistice Day commemorative ringing. Rose, never one to disappoint, sent over quite a few video recordings from the day which were shared amongst old friends. This was the response:

“My mum's 93 year old best friend watched all 15 videos I found so far on YouTube, including the ones you sent. She says she loves the bell ringing, and it is a beautiful sound. Sarah had videos of the bells being rung in the old country churches of the kind fondly remembered by Mrs Thibeault, however, she enjoyed them all, from the beautiful one in Australia, to all those recorded on 11th November in Great Britain, to one in Truro here.

It is amazing how a video and the familiar sound brings her home and makes her happy. Will be passing more on to her as they get posted. Told her about the upcoming Arkansas one. It is just lovely what your recordings have done for her.

I will be passing on your Ringing Remembers video links to our veterans' home, and to our national war museum members association.

Thank you very, very much. Mrs Thibeault wants to write a thank you note to you, Rose and to all who made it possible to share your beautiful bellringing on 11th November.”