Thank you, Graham

All I can say is that without Graham and his professional approach ART would not be where it is today. He took my initial ideas and professionalised them. The two of us working together were by far stronger than either of us working separately.

We needed the two of us. In the early days we had lots of arguments [good hearted ones] because I wanted to approach things from winning over "hearts and minds" and he was much more for documents and standards. After one committee meeting Les Boyce said to me "Well you two didn't actually come to blows then!"

Pip Penney

A nice story which is idiosyncratic of Graham - we needed a Tutor for a course at Marsworth and Graham agreed to come, on the strict condition that we organised a QP opportunity for him. This was because he was aiming to ring a QP on every date of the year and he needed that date. So, at the end of the course, four local ART Members dutifully turned up to ring a QP of April Day Doubles with Graham, Sue joined in and rang the tenor.

Rose Nightingale

I have always appreciated Graham’s quiet, patient and measured approach, even when people are being a little difficult or I’m asking a silly question!

Judith Frye

Last year in May, Adam Beer and I were visiting the UK from Australia ‒ imagine my total surprise when Graham was one of a band organised to ring a quarter peal with Adam In Knaresborough, North Yorkshire and so we met up by fluke in the tower ‒ brilliant!! It's a small world ... who would have thought?

Corinne Rule

I want to thank Graham for his understanding, appreciation and accommodations over the years with respect to the complications/problems we have in North America getting our teachers to follow through after going on an ART Course and following the ART curriculum.

Bruce Butler

I first met Graham in the early days of ART, when I was sent to UK by ANZAB to see whether we should adopt it in Australia and New Zealand. There was an ART Module 1 to be run by Graham at Trowbridgebut there was no Module 2 scheduled for a convenient date. It is typical of Graham that he at once offered to run a Module 2 nearby at the same weekend! Happily, it proved popular and was fully booked out on the day

I was completely blown away! On reflection this was the result of both the admirable content of the ART Modules and Graham's enthusiastic presentation. Fast-forwarding to the present day, we now have four antipodean ART Tutors, and we regularly run ART Modules here.

I particularly remember the feedback of one very experienced teacher who came along to an early module: "I came a sceptic ‒ I left enthused!"

David Smith- ANZAB

Graham, thanks for all you have done. It has been great taking ART, from its beginnings to the organisation it is today. Some things we agreed on, others we argued about (politely.) I have enjoyed deciphering some of your emails as I expect you have mine. With everyone’s help we have built a thriving Association which is meeting the needs of the grass roots ringers, teachers and learners, and that is what matters. My sincere best wishes and thanks.

Frank Seabright

His total inability to distinguish between Lesl(ie)(ey)s! (Boyce, Boyle and Belcher). And, of course, thanks to Graham for his prodigious efforts in doing the lion’s share of course delivery over the years.

Les Boyce, Lesley Boyle, Lesley Belcher

Graham’s mantra for ART seems to be ‘get on and do, but at the same time concentrate on what is important and don’t do everything’ ‒ I’ve grown to expect an almost immediate reply to an individual or group email, but with phone predictive text and keyboard slips there have been more than a few wry smiles and head-scratching moments in order to decipher what has appeared in that message! Thanks Graham for all your hard work, commitment and passion.

Paul Lewis


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