Chairman's Chatter - December 2018

Chairman’s Chatter is published in the quarterly ART WORKS magazine for ART Members and those on the ART Training Scheme.

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When I last wrote in ART WORKS, I reported a record year in all areas, and the records are continuing to be broken. In October we issued 197 Learning the Ropes certificates – another record smashed! Rose is having a busy time keeping up.

The Ringing Remembers initiative has had an influence on the number of day courses we have run this year and has proved a huge success in placing bell ringing well into the public consciousness. In addition to the central learn to ring enquiries distributed to local towers, teachers have organised many local initiatives to recruit and train new ringers. I see success stories every day on social media and from ART Members. A great effort by the team that ran the Ringing Remembers campaign and by local teachers. Now comes the challenge of retaining these recruits and developing their skills further.

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Have you attended a Module 2 day course? We have run many Module 1 courses this year but not everyone is following through to attend a Module 2. It isn’t necessary to attend the courses in that order and you can sign up for a Module 2 without ever attending a Module 1. This module provides a host of exercises and ideas for teaching once your ringers can ring rounds and need to develop their foundation skills. This is a critical stage and the information available through Module 2 is a huge benefit to anyone teaching at this level. Ideas for running practices and developing the band are all there and you will find the practical sessions also add fun to a practice!If you have notbeen on a Module 2, push for one in your area now!

The 2019 ART Awards have been announced and include substantial prizes for Learning the Ropes Achievers which have been sponsored by The Ancient Society of College Youths. Do have a look and see if your group, leader or achiever could be put forward for an award.

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The ART Masterclass for LtR Level 5 ringers took place in Birmingham, as always very ably run by Stephanie Warboys and supported by many Birmingham ringers. Reports of the day confirm that much was learned, a great time was had, and the day will remain in participants’ thoughts for a very long time. Stephanie and the Birmingham ringers provide a huge motivator for new ringers by hosting and organising this event. Thanks go to them for their help and commitment to supporting developing ringers.

The number of ART Centres and Hubs continue to rise, and I am keen to support these groups more. I am developing regular communications and support through such things as: priority for Workshops & day courses; ideas for refresher and group teaching events; and insurance. Links to ART Officers to provide feedback and identify needs are also being established.

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Following a call for volunteers, an active and talented team is supporting our IT needs and developing our systems for the future. I am keen to develop similar support for Workshop development & delivery and supporting Hubs & Centres.

Remember from January mentors for Module 1 will be given the same assessment as teachers – normally at the same time. All mentors are teachers of course. To relieve the administrative burden on mentors, ART Assessors will carry out the recording of the assessment on SmART Ringer and a series of FAQs is being added to SmART Ringer dealing with commonly asked questions.

» Bell handling assessments for mentors

Sadly, this is Claire Culham’s last edition as Editor of ART WORKS. During her tenure she has produced a very high-quality, informative magazine for our teachers. Thank you Claire for your hard work and commitment. You’ll be a hard act to follow.

In March after the AGM I shall relinquish my role as Chairman of ART. I will continue as a member of the ART Management Committee. To take ART through the next stage of its development, the committee have elected Lesley Belcher as Chairman designate and I am in no doubt that Lesley will continue to lead our flourishing ART, developing it further, and ensuring its sustainability and its support for ringing into the future.