Chairman's Chatter - February 2019

Chairman’s Chatter is published in the quarterly ART WORKS magazine for ART Members and those on the ART Training Scheme.

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What a year 2018 was for ART – and ringing as a whole! The Ringing Remembers initiative has seen an influx of recruits and a great deal of good publicity for ringing. Now we must capitalise on that work by maintaining ringing’s high and positive media profile as well as developing and retaining our new ringers.

For ART and ART teachers the workload has been exceptional. 1400 new ringers registered, 60 courses run, increased workshop requests and accreditation rates now running at approximately 33%. Our membership has increased by about 25% to about 550. Already there are indications that the level of course and workshop activity may not reduce in 2019!

The Conference is almost upon us and I am looking forward to meeting many of you in Worcester. Do make the effort to come – it’s a great day. There are the usual variety of speakers on a host of relevant topics and there is also opportunity to see the Ringing Centre at the Cathedral. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet with others, exchange and develop ideas and of course, socialise.

Once again, the ART Awards prize giving ceremony will take place in the evening and I am looking forward to hearing about the great activities and achievements of all the applicants.

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Several Tower Leadership workshops have been, receiving some great feedback – if you think you can host one in your area do get in touch.

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The Learning the Ropes scheme is well established now but it worth reminding teachers that if, through some disability or medical condition, a ringer is having difficulty meeting the full requirements for a particular level, you can ask for a review under our equality policy – have a look on the ART website for details.

Learning the Ropes Plus will be relaunched at the conference having been brought up to date (it now includes the core seven “Picked Egg” Surprise Major methods for instance) and is a good basis to plan targeted practices, allowing ringers to get recognition for their achievements in a variety of categories. Any ringer can now be registered for the scheme.

A plethora of Silver and Gold 50 Ringing Things certificates have been issued over the last few months. A really great effort by those involved who now have a fantastic variety of skills in a host of disparate aspects of ringing. Well done!

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ART continues to rely on the support and generosity of our financial supporters. Without their continuing help ART would not make the progress that it is. Thank you so much – your support and the work of ART teachers has really made a much-needed difference to ringing.

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Finally, I congratulate Lesley Belcher on her election as the next Chairman of ART. She will take up the post officially after the ART AGM. I know that ART is in safe hands and that ART will continue to move forward to the benefit of ringing. I thank everyone for the support I have received and look forward to continuing my involvement with ART in the future.