Last chance to apply for ART Awards 2017

Applications for the first ART Awards in 2017 close on 31st December – the deadline is fast approaching!

The cash prize pot for the ART Awards 2017 has now exceeded £3,000 - don’t miss out on the chance to win funding and recognition for your local projects.

Applications can be made for all of the Awards below, simply complete the document at the link below and email to

  • The Sarah Beacham Youth Group Award
  • The Sarah Beacham School Group Award
  • The ART Award for Innovation in the Effective Use of Technology in Teaching – sponsored by John Taylor & Co.
  • The ART Award for Innovation in Recruitment or Retention - sponsored by AbelSim
  • The ART Award for a University Society that has made a Significant Contribution to Promoting Ringing to Younger People” - sponsored by CCCBR
  • The ART Award for Inspiring Leadership in Ringing –-sponsored by Talent Innovations
  • Learning the Ropes Achievement Awards – (for LtR registered ringers only)
    • LtR+ – Young Q.P. or Peal conductor
    • LtR+ – outstanding progress
    • All LtR Level 5 achievers with an overall winner.

» Apply for an ART Award

Additionally, for all those who have achieved Learning the Ropes Level 5 there will be a centrally-organised weekend event: The Learning the Ropes Masterclass. This will be run in the second half of 2017 by a team of hand-picked, top flight ringers and will be designed to provide opportunities that are not normally available locally. Travel and accommodation will be arranged/paid for participants based in the mainland UK. If your ringers are nearly at Level 5, can you help them complete it before 31st December? A couple of Christmas quarter peals perhaps!

Don’t miss out – apply for the ART Awards 2017, to be presented as part of the ART Conference in March 2017