NEW ART Teaching Hubs - Northampton & Loddon

We are very pleased to announce that two more Teaching Hubs have been formed. The Northampton Hub comprises All Saints, St Giles, St Peter and Holy Sepulchre, all within Northampton. The Loddon Hub (located within the northern part of the Sonning Deanery branch of the Oxford Diocesan Guild) comprises Hurst St Nicholas, Sonning St Andrew, Twyford St Mary (Twyford), Waltham St Lawrence and Margrave, St Mary.

ART are aware that a number of towers which are doing very good work, teaching to the ART Training Scheme and with the potential to become Teaching Centres (TCs) fall short of the criteria that all teaching must be carried out by ART Members. To make sure that these efforts are recognised we have created ART Teaching Hubs along similar lines to TCs but acknowledging not all of the teachers will be ART Members.