ART launches new ‘Discover Bell Ringing’ booklet

Introduce your new ringers and interested members of the public to the world of bell ringing with the new ‘Discover Bell Ringing’ booklet published by the Association of Ringing Teachers.

The booklet is the a new ART product to help those who are new to ringing understand something of the history and culture of the activity as well as answering some of the common how, where, why and when type questions that new ringers ask.

Additionally, it also gives a taste of how new ringers can develop their interest in ringing.It may be provided to new ringers as well as being used for those showing an interest on tower open days or other such occasions.

Neil Thomas says “This book is just what the ringing world needs. Not the normal dull photographs but young ringers enjoying themselves, positively showing that bell ringing is for everyone. Facts are clearly made and illustrated. While covering the intricacy of change ringing it doesn’t get too bogged down on any point. It is a book which should appeal to any prospective learner and leave them hankering to find out more.”

Susan Read comments “It is definitely the sort of booklet we need to give to visitors to the tower to look at and to all our new learners.  Otherwise they sit and watch and get bored because they don’t understand anything about what we are doing!”

In easy language it gives information on the history of ringing, how bells are made and hung, what change ringing is and how it’s done, the stages of learning to ring, safety hints and a taste of who and why people ring.

There is space to record a ringer’s first few towers and performances, information on tower and association details and guidance on where to find out more.

This is part of an intended ‘pack’ for new ringers.Teachers can add a ‘Learning the Ropes’ Logbook or other structured learning record for their ringer, perhaps more Association/Church information and even resources such as the ART ‘Bell Handling’ DVD.

This booklet, suitable for all new ringers, is available for everyone to purchase.

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A single copy is priced at £4 – or save £1 per copy by buying a pack of 5 copies. Both the ART Shop and SmART Ringer Shop accepts cheque, bank transfer and all major credit/debit cards through PayPal, plus every order includes free postage and packing.

This booklet has been generously supported by AbelSim, who we thank for their contribution.