Upcoming Mentor Development Workshop – Marsworth, Bucks

The next Mentor Development Workshop will take place at Marsworth Village Hall, Buckinghamshire on 18th April 2015, between 11am and 1pm. The workshop will be tutored by Pip Penney and teas and coffees will be provided.

The Mentor Development Workshop is a short interactive workshop which aims to increase the awareness of the mentoring process and to help ART Teaching Scheme Mentors develop their skills not only as teachers, but as those responsible for bringing on the next generation of teachers.

There is opportunity to discuss various aspects of mentoring and the attributes which make a successful mentor. How the mentoring system works for the ART Teaching Scheme is also explained.

The concept of using Mentors to support those ringers who wish to teach is fundamental to the ART Teaching Scheme. The role of the Mentor is an extremely important one and good mentoring will improve uptake of the Scheme and accreditation rates amongst teachers.

This 2 hour workshop is suitable not only for Mentors, but for existing ART Teaching Scheme Teachers who would like to find out more about mentoring and supporting others who are working towards accreditation.

The workshop fee is £10, plus £3 payable to the local organiser on the day to cover the cost of hiring the hall and refreshments. There are also two pubs and a cafe serving food in the village.

To reserve a place for this workshop, or to find out more about hosting a Mentor Development Workshop in your area, please contact Rose Nightingale – the ART Administrator.