Learning the Ropes Certificates

As ringers pass each of their Learning the Ropes levels, their achievement is published nationally in the Ringing World, our own quarterly newsletter ART Works and here on the ART website.


The following ringers registered on the Learning the Ropes scheme have had their progress nationally acknowledged by their ringing teacher. Bell handling and foundation skills are teacher assessed. All subsequent levels are assessed by quarter peal. To pass Level 5 a ringer must have rung a minimum of six quarter peals. Well done!

Mary Wilson of Mere

Received LtR L2 during August 2019

Sarah Robson of Trellech

Received LtR L1 during August 2019

Susan Cordingley of Grays

Received LtR L1 during August 2019

Bev Welch of St Peter's, Tiverton

Received LtR L1 during August 2019

Angela Creasey of Sedgemoor Ringing Centre

Received LtR L1 during August 2019

Alison J Davies of Whipsnade and All Saints' Marsworth

Received LtR L3 during August 2019

Aaron Hallett of St Anne, Alderney

Received LtR Plus (Ringing - Minor) during August 2019

Paul Partridge of St Mary's, Peterborough

Received LtR L1 during August 2019

Graham Harris of Walsall

Received LtR L1 during August 2019

Rebecca Glazier of Thriplow

Received LtR L1 during August 2019

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What do the levels mean?

Bell Handling

Safe and competent bell handling including raising and lowering a bell. » Level 1

Foundation Skills

Ringing with others; able to dodge, make places, and ring simple call changes. » Level 2

Introduction to Change Ringing

Competent at plain hunt and covering. Demonstrated by ringing two quarter peals at least one of which is on the treble. » Level 3

Novice Change Ringer

Ringing and calling touches of a doubles or minor method. Demonstrated by ringing a quarter peal inside. Raising and lowering a bell in peal. » Level 4

Change Ringer

Ringing and calling a second method and ringing touches of Plain Bob. Demonstrated by ringing three quarter peals including inside to Plain Bob Minor. » Level 5

Learning the Ropes Plus

For ringers who have progressed beyond level 5. Acknowledges achievements in ringing, conducting and organisation. » Learning the Ropes Plus