Education Matters are a series of articles published in ART WORKS, the quarterly online magazine for ringing teachers. They are written by education professionals who also happen to be bellringers.

Learning how we learn

Teachers are looking more and more to research in cognitive psychology to inform their practice. Cognitive psychology is usually defined as the study of the mind, including perception, attention and memory.

Why do Ringers lapse?

Alison Smedley has carried out a piece of action research as part of a BA course in Charity & Social Enterprise Management with Anglia Ruskin University... 'A voluntary activity which seemed to have a particular problem with retention of its participants is that of bellringing'.

National Teacher's Standards and Learning the Ropes

Clare learnt to ring under those old ways of teaching, and now considers the ART approach – and the Learning the Ropes scheme in particular – against the Teachers’ Standards used in the world of school education .

Responding to the psychological needs of learners

Using Self Determination Theory, Mark looks at the teaching of bell ringing, to understand what motivates people to learn and why the sense of fulfilment or personal flourishing is so important in that process.

An exploration of learning styles

Jenny looks at the VAK learning styles model; its validity and its limitations. See how students learn using a mixture of learning styles and their preferences may well change as learning progresses.