Courses for teachers


If you are interested in improving your teaching skills, then one of our training modules will be right for you.

The ART Training Scheme is much more than a day course; it is the beginning of a learning journey. Teachers are paired up with mentors who provides guidance and advice throughout a period of skills development. On-line resources provide additional support for both the teacher and their new ringers.

The scheme concludes with a teaching lesson observed by an assessor; only after this does a ringing teacher becomes an accredited Member of the Association of Ringing Teachers.

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Volunteer with ART


Volunteering is at the heart of ART. A wide range of people from a variety of different backgrounds volunteer for us. Some work, some are students, some are retired or unemployed. They are old and young and come from diverse backgrounds. Some are good ringers, some are good teachers; many are both.

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Learn to ring with ART


Learning to ring with an ART teacher means you will be taught using the latest teaching methods. All our teachers adhere to ART safeguarding policies and are DBS checked.

You will be registered to use the Learning the Ropes Scheme; a progressive learning scheme for new ringers, which breaks down learning to ring into clearly defined chunks, giving you a sense of progress in developing a skill that in reality can take years to master.

In line with many other hobbies and sports nowadays, the scheme celebrates success with certificates and badges, including recognition online and in the international Ringing World newspaper.

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Go on a ringing workshop


ART offers a series of workshops that supplement the ART Training Scheme modules and allow both ringers and teachers to develop new skills:

  • Bell Maintenance
  • Simulator Awareness
  • Calling Bob Doubles
  • Listen and Strike
  • Conducting
  • Tower Leadership
  • Mentor Development

Each workshop has been developed by a team of experts and delivered by a subject matter expert.

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Become a financial supporter

The ART Supporters programme provides a framework and numerous benefits for individuals, groups, bell ringing associations or companies to support our work and who wish to become Friends, Sponsors or Patrons of ART.

If you would be interested in becoming a Supporter of ART, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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