ART Award presented to Yuka Jones

Yuka was born in Japan and has lived in England for the past nine years. Having completed her Learning the Ropes Level 5 in 2017, Yuka was awarded the 2018 Learning the Ropes Achievement Award at the ART Conference. Yuka was presented with the Award and prize money at the Bath & Wells AGM in Chard.

Yuka started work on Learning the Ropes from the day she began to learn – May 10 2016. She made excellent progress through the five Levels:

  • Level 1: August 3 2016
  • Level 2: September 20 2016
  • Level 3: March 8 2017
  • Level 4: May 4 2017
  • Level 5: August 9 2017

Completing the scheme in just a year, she has continued to progress using the Learning the Ropes Plus scheme. She has rung 28 quarter peals, ranging from Plain Bob Doubles and Reverse Canterbury Doubles to ringing the treble to triples. She has rung two peals, inside to Doubles (five methods) and tenor behind.

As Yuka says: "I now know it takes a very long time to become a good ringer. I started ringing aged 41 and my dream is to become competent enough to conduct a band like my teachers before I die!" I am sure it won't be long before she's doing that!

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