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All About ART

The training, support and recognition that ART provides to ringing teachers and new ringers.

For ringing teachers

ART teaching modules and refresher worskhops for new and existing teachers

Learn to ring

Find out more about bellringing and learning to ring. Find a teacher near to you.

Teaching and learning resources

Method Toolboxes

Whether you're teaching or learning – a set of resources for you and your band.

Recruitment and Retention Resources

Our recruitment and retention resources are packed full of advice, ideas and people's stories.

Handbell Resources

Whether you're teaching or learning – a set of resources for you and your band.

Simulator Resources

Hardware, software and teaching advice, suitable for both teachers and ringers.

Teaching Tips

Covers coaching, motivation and learning theory applied, with plenty of examples, to the teaching of ringing.

ART YouTube Channel

A wide range of informative videos for ringing teachers and ringing learners are available on the ART YouTube channel.

50 Ringing Things

Get the book, and gain an insight into different aspects of ringing and its culture.

Minor Stepping Stones

Takes you from Plain Bob to spliced Surprise Minor in 45 methods.

ART websites

ART Online Shop

A library of books and DVDs to support both ringers and teachers.

SmART Ringer

Use SmART Ringer to progress towards teaching accreditation or progress a new ringer through learning the ropes

Online Learning Portal

A range of online courses for everyone - take a look at what is currently available.

Events Website

Use the Events website to book a place on one of ART's teaching modules.