Book for ART Conducting Course

Following the heavily over-subscribed ART Conducting Course held at the ART Conference earlier this year, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to attend the next Conducting Course – to be held at St Paul’s Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham on July 5th starting at 2:30pm.

This course, which will last about two hours, uses Plain Bob Minor as the base method for explaining how the derivation of coursing orders can be used to understand how touches work, how standard touches are applicable to other methods, and how the coursing order can be used to check ringing and potentially correct mistakes. This knowledge opens up a whole new world!

Pre-requisite is to be able to ring touches of Bob Minor confidently, and ideally other methods as well but this is not essential. It is ideal for people who can call touches, maybe even quarter peals, but don’t really understand in any depth what the calls are doing.

The fee for this course is £10 which includes a £3 tower donation.

As at the ART Conference, ART Member Simon Linford will be leading the Course. Simon is a veteran of hundreds of peals as conductor on all numbers, conducting with a blend of coursing order, intuition, and gut instinct. Simon is Master of the St Martin’s Guild and committed to the success of the Birmingham School of Bell Ringing.

To inquire about attending the Conducting Course on July 5th please contact Simon Linford, or if you’re interested in future Courses to be scheduled please contact Rose Nightingale.

And remember – you can add the Conducting Course to your ‘Learning the Ropes +’ Achievements.