Learning the Ropes - our milestone ringers!


Bob Rae - Level 1


Tricia Mitchell - Level 2


Vicki Hipwell - Level 3


Clare Gebel - Level 4


Ellie Seddon - Level 5

Two weeks in September saw significant milestones being passed at each of the five Learning the Ropes Levels, with three been passed on the same day.

  • The 2,000th Level 1 certificate was awarded to Bob Rae of St Marie’s RC Cathedral, Sheffield
  • The 1,000th Level 2 certificate went to Tricia Mitchell of Leominster Priory
  • The 350th Level 3 certificate was awarded to Vicki Hipwell of Goldhanger, Essex
  • The 200th Level 4 certificate went to Clare Gebel, also of Goldhanger, Essex
  • The 100th Level 5 certificate was awarded to Ellie Seddon of Kirtlington, Oxfordshire

These milestones all come in what is proving to be a bumper year for the Learning the Ropes Scheme, with record numbers of ringers being registered on the scheme (1,000 and increasing every day) and certificates being awarded (over 800 so far this year).

For those unfamiliar with it, the Learning the Ropes is a progressive learning scheme designed around the following principles:

  • A carefully structured syllabus so that each ringer can achieve their ultimate potential
  • Progression through a series of Levels measured against recognised benchmarks
  • Support and assistance to improve ringing skills
  • Use of quarter peals for skill consolidation through performance
  • A personalised certificate and name published in the Ringing World to give a real sense of achievement

Teachers can register their ringers onto the Learning the Ropes Scheme when they have attended an ART Day Course – either Module 1 or 2F/C.