Module 1 Physical Refresher Workshops

We now have a number of physical refresher workshops organised and advertised on the ART Events website. These workshops are open to anyone who has already attended an ART Module 1 day course.

These half day workshops give you an opportunity to refresh your memory about the ART teaching principles and the various techniques and exercises used in teaching bell handling.

In the words of a satisfied delegate from a pilot refresher:

“Thank you very much for running the course yesterday, it reminded me of a lot of stuff I'd forgotten, and I picked up quite a number of new tips that you mentioned over and above the ART handouts – you probably saw me scribbling away.”

The workshop content includes: raising a bell, putting it all together, ringing down and observation and feedback. There is also the opportunity to slot in additional content if requested in advance.

If anyone is ringing and teaching in travelling distance of Surrey, the local teachers have opened up their refresher workshop at Oxted to other ART teachers. If you’re interested in attending this or another physical Module 1 Refresher Workshop, then you can book a place on the ART Events website.

» Book a place on a physical refresher workshop

To organise a refresher workshop for a group of teachers in your local area, email:


David Sparling
Tutor Coordinator