New ART Hub - Weston Hills Ringing Centre

ART are very pleased to announce the formation of an ART Teaching Hub in Hertfordshire, consisting of:

  • Holy Trinity, Weston, Herts.
  • All Saints, Sandon, Herts.
  • St Mary's, Wallington, Herts.
  • St Mary's, Rushden, Herts.

The Local Organiser is Geoff Horritt.

The Weston Hills Ringing Centre joins our other Teaching Centres and Hubs in promoting good teaching using the Learning the Ropes progressive learning scheme.

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Geoff tells us:

"We have been using Weston belfry for teaching bell handling and change ringing on the simulator for some time. Two students have reached Learning the Ropes Level 5 (Emma & Philip Bailey – Wallington). We have connections with the local school and the senior school in Baldock (Knights Templar). Currently we have four pupils from Knights Templar (two at Weston, one at Sandon, one at Baldock) with an additional three ex-students (one who rings at Sandon and one at Baldock.) We have recently taught bell handling to ten new ringers (two have achieved LtR Level 2, four LtR Level 1, and four more are close to going solo). Another Weston ringer achieved LtR Level 2 recently.

We have access to six ART teachers:

  • Geoff Horritt – ART Tutor
  • Sheila Cox – Full Member
  • Richard Clements – Associate Member
  • Fiona Potts – Associate Member
  • Don Salisbury – ART trained but non-members
  • Jo Schurch – ART trained but non-members

We have sensors on all six bells at Weston and single sensors at Wallington and Sandon. We have a fixed Saxilby dumb bell at Weston and a mobile frame with another Saxilby dumb bell which is available for demonstration, teaching, training etc.