New ART Management Committee Members

It is a pleasure to welcome three new members to the ART Management Committee.

Paul Flavell

Paul has been ringing since 1967 and has held various posts from District Master and Secretary in the Derbyshire and Surrey Associations to C.C. rep and Training Officer for the Surrey Association. In this latter role Paul has been supporting the roll out of ART in Surrey. Paul will be formally elected as Secretary of ART at the next Committee meeting but has been working with Les Boyce for some months to ensure a smooth transfer of responsibilities.

John Cater

Ringing since 1979, John is enthusiastic about several aspect of ringing including Quarter Peals, new Doubles variations, bell restoration projects, handbells and tower grabbing (in the UK and overseas). He is also fully engaged with his local band, the teaching of learners, Sunday Service ringing, his local Association and at one time the Central Council. A number cruncher with Lloyds bank for many years John will take over as Treasurer at our next Committee meeting.

Roger Booth

Roger rings at the Docklands ART Ringing Centre and has held a number of Association posts in the past. Currently he is part of the CRAG review. Having previously been heavily involved in restoring bells, he now takes a keen interest in issues of recruitment and training, to help ensure there are an adequate numbers of ringers. He is the owner of the Charmborough Ring and is particularly interested in recruitment initiatives, ensuring that systems are in place to adequately follow up new ringers and maximise retention, an interest he will be developing with ART.

If you would like to come and help us with our Committee work or have other skills you would like to offer, please let us know. There is much to do and we continue to look for people to assist.