New ART Tutors in the Southern Hemisphere

ART is proud of the continued expansion of its teaching principles across international boundaries. Recently, two new tutor's have been recruited and trained in Perth, Western Australia. Corinne Rule (The Bell Tower, Perth) and Josclyn Sloan (St George's Cathedral, Perth) are now practising ART tutor's.

A little on Corinne

I made my way to being a tutor almost by accident! I did my teaching course in New Zealand late 2014, attended and helped organise a couple of others in 2015, then BAM full member and tutor happened this year. It helps spread the work load over a vast area across Australia and New Zealand (ANZAB).

I initially wanted to fill in a gap at The Bell Tower in Perth as we had no regular teachers at the time. This I fulfilled and in the process we now have many more local ART teachers in Perth who now run this session of ringing.

I am certainly not the most experienced ringer or teacher. I just have enthusiasm to see this hobby move forward. I am now also the “Education Officer’ for ANZAB, working on a national level as well as local.

I do suffer from ‘Frozen Shoulder’ at times, so can’t always ring, which is frustrating but I find ways to help out. One of these I am working on now is by holding small theory workshops (using different teachers) at home followed by a go on the ‘Alphabet Ring’, which is a private mini ring owned by my partner and fun to have a go on. Then this new knowledge can be taken to various home towers where respective Tower Captains and Ringing Masters can help develop skills further.

I learnt to ring when I was 11 years old, taught by my Dad in Winchcombe, then continued in Caversham. I had a gap of 30 years from late teens until 6 years ago when I moved to Perth in Australia and strolled into The Bell Tower for a tourist type of look.

As you say ”The rest is history”