Online Teaching Forum - November 14

Following on from the inaugural online teaching forum in August, we are hosting a second teaching forum on Sunday 14 November at 19.30. It will start with a 15-minute presentation by Colin Newman, who has coached the ODG Youth Team to success at the last two RWNYC contests. Colin’s presentation, about keeping young ringers engaged at a local practice, will be followed by open discussion in themed breakout rooms. One will be about young ringers, but that won’t be the only topic under discussion.

The first online teaching forum was a bit of an experiment, but it seemed to go well, and feedback was very positive. It was part problem-solving session – some new mentor, teacher pairings were made, and a couple of regional plans were discussed. However, people most enjoyed the break-out rooms in which they could discuss their ideas, problems and frustrations in a safe space. As someone said: “Just chatting has been a great motivator.”

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