Simpler, clearer accreditation pathway

Quality and standards are at the core of the ART Teaching Scheme, but we also prioritise a simple and effective accreditation pathway to enable the greatest number of Teachers and Mentors to achieve their goals.

Whilst the traditional route for ART Teacher and ART Mentor accreditation has been relatively straightforward to date, there have been a number of instances where Mentors have wanted to work towards accreditation and ART Membership after their Teachers have not gone forward for a variety of reasons.

Should this be the case, we have asked for these Mentors to teach a Ringer themselves using appropriate stages of the Learning the Ropes Scheme for either Module 1 or 2 and undertake the online Theory Test and submit a Membership Declaration. This has evolved following discussion at Management Committee level to also suggest the need for an arranged teaching lesson assessed by an Assessing Mentor.

To try to streamline the process and to make it all less confusing the Committee is now suggesting that in the event a Teacher does not proceed to accreditation, the Mentor’s route to accreditation is essentially to switch to a Teacher pathway – whereby the accreditation should be the same as is undertaken with anyone who has started and remained on the scheme as a Teacher.

This would remove the need for the use of certain stages of LtR, though the use of this scheme is encouraged with all learners. We have produced an updated flowchart to show the planned full accreditation process for both Module 1 and Module 2.

We are proposing to adopt this flowchart and pathway guide from 1 September. Reasonable adjustment can be considered for those who have been following the current procedure, but we would recommend following this simpler and clearer flowchart.

» Download the flowchart