Teaching Toolboxes

During lockdown, we have been developing new teaching toolboxes, which include loads of resources for you and your students:

  • Activity and method crib sheets – clearly laid out with tips for teachers and ringers
  • Stepping stone methods – lots of ideas for teaching using small easily-achievable steps
  • Practice night touches – focussing on specific teaching goals
  • Simulator bitesize – video tips on setting up a simulator for practising unusual teaching exercises
  • Games, quizzes and crosswords – to reinforce ringing theory
  • Workshop plans and theory presentations

Responding to the constraints of lockdown, we’ve also added some new toolboxes – on Minimus and Slow Course methods. Slow Course methods provide an opportunity for a mixed ability band to ring plain courses together. The methods are graded from Entry Level to Really Tricky. When the Slow Course Toolbox was launched on Facebook, it received some very enthusiastic responses, including:

“I swear by slow course methods as a teaching aid, and something you can get learners (improvers as I like to call them) doing on a Sunday.”

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