Guidance Note on Safeguarding Documentation


ART provides Liability Insurance for its Members whilst teaching or running ART activities. This only applies in the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

One of the requirements for cover is that ART ensures that all those teaching Young People or Vulnerable adults are DBS (or Safeguarding Scotland/other equivalent) checked. This is very much the same as other activities (e.g. sports and music) where teaching, coaching or supervision occurs. The Charity Commission has also required declarations dealing with our safeguarding practices & checks. Most importantly parents expect proper checks to be made.

Therefore ART must see all Members' DBS (or equivalent) certificates or have an annual declaration that they will not teach or supervise a ringing session where Children or Vulnerable Adults are present. It is a requirement of ART membership. It is possible that if the contact with children is not "regular" a DBS may not be required; please contact the ART Safeguarding Administrator if you think this may be the case.

Please arrange for ART to check your DBS certificate within three months of becoming an ART Member. We must have this to ensure valid insurance and to operate in a credible and professional way.

If you do not have a DBS Certificate

The simplest way to deal with this issue (and parishes/diocese do not always make this clear) is to have a transferable DBS obtained by registering for the update service. Registration for the update service must be carried out within 30 days of receipt of your new DBS certificate (whether from ART or any other organisation.) Unfortunately Diocese and Parishes often do not advise how this is carried out or pass on certificates in a timely manner to allow you to do it. A DBS may be obtained via your Parish or Diocese free as a volunteer.

Using the update system is strongly recommended by ART

Should you require a DBS via ART this is done using an umbrella organisation (Lloyd Education) and will cost £8. Please contact, the ART Safeguarding Administrator, at for a form and return it direct to Lloyd Education with the appropriate documents and cheque. It takes about 2 or 3 weeks to be processed. Box 61 will already be completed showing "Child and Adult Workforce" and the employer as "The Association of Ringing Teachers". You will need to send your proof of identity documents to Lloyd Education, but by prior arrangement these may be confirmed by an ART official or local organiser.

When you receive your DBS, you need to give ART the information required so that it can be checked by ART online (see below).

If you already have a paper DBS Certificate for teaching bell ringing

If you already have a paper DBS Certificate for teaching bell ringing that is less than 5 years old, then please send a scanned copy or a good quality photograph of it via email to the ART Safeguarding Administrator, at

Recent changes to the advice to Parishes from the CoE has imposed a much more strict regime and if you have only a paper DBS (even from ART) parishes may not always accept them.

If you already have a DBS Certificate registered for the update service

ART can carry out an online check of our your DBS certificate if you have registered for the new online update scheme. Send the following information to the ART Safeguarding Administrator, at

  • Your permission to carry out the check on line
  • Your Certificate number
  • Your date of birth
  • You full name

Frequency of DBS Checks

ART requires that all DBS checks should be renewed every five years (some organisations require more frequent checks). But if you have used the update service, ART will automatically make these checks.

ART Safeguarding Policies

Please take time to read the ART Safeguarding Policy and the ART Code of Practice for Safety and Protection, and ensure that you conform to good practice as an accredited teacher.

ART Contacts

Elaine Greatrex – ART Safeguarding Administrator

Birchdale House, West Farm Close
Northants. NN6 9SE

Chris Enzor - ART Safeguarding Officer

Guidance History

Last Modified: November 2021

Last Reviewed: November 2021