Guidance Note on Youth Groups

ART gives a structure to working with schools and youth groups which shows a professional approach to the organisation and running of such groups. Teachers should ensure these procedures are in place guidelines and policies are followed to ensure best practice:

  • Teachers are part of a ‘Professional’ body which set standards or teaching and behaviour
  • Safeguarding training, policies, guidelines and checks for teachers
  • Liability insurance in place
  • Risk Assessments for activities
  • Lesson Plans
  • H & S guidelines and code of practice
  • Equality policy
  • Multimedia approach for skill development
  • Use of Learning the Ropes as a structured curriculum with goals and recognition
  • Link Learning the Ropes with DoE and/or Scouting achievements

These and other facilities give confidence to organising or governing bodies that ART teachers have a professional approach and would pass inspection if required.

Guidance History

Last Modified: September 2014

Last Reviewed: January 2017


If you have any questions about this policy or safeguarding you are invited to contact the Association at: