Photography and Video Policy


The Association of Ringing Teachers and its Members use pictures and videos to publicise events, illustrate activities and provide a memento for those taking part.

Video recording may be used as a teaching technique.

ART also uses photographs in literature and electronically and also provides videos online or for purchase to assist learning.


We accept that there may be adults or children who would prefer not to be included in pictures or a video. Therefore, we will always ask permission when taking a photograph or video, seeking agreement from parents/carers where activities involve children. The issues are the same for still photographs, digital images or films/videos. For convenience they are all referred to as images.

With consent, images may be used on ART websites, ART social media and You Tube accounts, ART WORKS and other newsletters, the Ringing World, local newspapers etc. but will not be electronically shared with other individuals.

We obtain consent in writing from anyone acting as an Exemplar/Model in ART materials and they are asked to complete the Model Release Form.

We obtain consent in writing via the U18 Image Consent Form for the use of images of children and young people:

  • Children under the age of 13: consent should be gained from their parents;
  • Young People aged between 13 and 15: consent should be gained from parents AND the young people themselves;
  • Young People aged 16-17: consent should be gained from the young person themselves. Personal details of children will not be divulged unless specific consent has been obtained in writing.

Completed consent forms should be sent to the ART Office Manager, who will ensure they are stored securely on the ART Google Drive. Anyone wishing to withdraw their consent at a later date should contact the » ART Office Manager.

In addition, our members should remind participants, including children and young people, who wish to take their own photographs or mobile phone images, NOT to take pictures without the permission of those involved. They should also remind everyone that images of other people should not be posted on ART social media accounts without permission, and that they must be careful not to take pictures that could be deemed to be insulting or indecent, whether or not the person involved gives permission.

Where video is used for training, the teacher should use the learner’s equipment where possible or delete the footage during the session. If a minor is involved there should be a parent or carer or other adult present and the footage deleted during the session, it will only be done in the presence of another ART member or a parent or carer and will be deleted at the time.

Policy History

Last Modified: October 2022

Last Reviewed: October 2022


If you have any questions about this policy or safeguarding you are invited to contact the Association at:

Consent forms

» Exemplar/Model Release form

» U18 Consent form