Devon style ringing

What is Devon style ringing?

A style of full-circle ringing traditionally rung in Devon and Cornwall. It is characterised by:

  • Call change ringing of set, named Call Change sequences
  • Calls are rapid
  • Closed or cartwheel leads
  • Sequences rung below the balance and ringing is quick
  • Performances start with a raise and end with a fall
  • The raise starts with, and the fall ends with, all bells starting and stopping at one (no fade in or catching and stopping)

It has a reputation for excellent striking and a high quality raise and lower.

If you decide to join a practice in Devon or Cornwall, you'll be made very welcome, but be prepared for Devon style ringing!

Ringing differently in Devon

Listen to the Fun with Bells podcast interview with Ryan Trout.

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Devon style ringing

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