Volunteer with ART

Volunteering is at the heart of ART. Without these incredible people offering their time and expertise ART simply would not exist. Thank you to all our volunteers for making ART happen!

If you are inspired to help us, you too can improve the quality of the teaching and learning experience in bell towers up and down the country. Your contribution will make a difference! Please have a chat with our Chair, Andrew Slade, We would be delighted to work with you.

Meet our volunteers


Operations Team

Working alongside the ART Administrators, are volunteers who deliver ART to course delegates and members from week to week.

Team members: Lesley Belcher, David Sparling, Sally Bramson (Course Pack Organiser), Richard Booth (Membership Secretary) and Elaine Greatrex (Safeguarding Administrator)


The ART Tutors

ART Tutors lead day courses across the UK and abroad and link to the course delegates as they work through their skills development period. Learning and skills are shared among the Tutors through regular online meetings.

Team members: David Sparling (Tutor Coordinator) and the ART Tutors


Comms Team

The Comms team aims to inform, engage and market ART, working across a wide range media. The annual ART Conference is an opportunity for teachers to share and inspire.

Team members: Lesley Belcher, Chris de Cordova (facebook), Monica Hollows (facebook), Deb Baker (social media), Cathy Booth (podcasts), Beth Johnson (videos)


Merchandising Team

Responsible for the ordering, quality control, advertising and distribution of ART publications. Publications are mainly available through the ART online shop.

Team members: Gill Hughes, Anne Sladen, and Lesley Boyle (marketing)

IT Team

Maintains and develops all the IT infrastructure that delivers ART to your computer. That includes our servers, email and our all of our websites.

Team members: Lesley Belcher, Nigel Mellor, Steve Johnson, Rob Parker, and Sam Bolingbroke.


Standards Team

Ensures standards are kept that provide consistency and promote participation. Accreditations are delivered by the volunteer ART Assessors team.

Team members: Paul Lewis, Dee Smith, ART Assessors, Stephanie Pattenden (Independent Educational Advisor)


ART Teacher and Ringer Support

Supports and motivates teachers and ringers by: maintaining and improving resources; responding to enquiries and questions; and recognising the progression of teachers and new ringers through the ART Training and Learning the Ropes schemes.

Team members: Lesley Belcher, Lesley Boyle (Teaching Centes & Hubs), Clare McArdle (Learning the Ropes)


The ART Awards

The Annual ART Awards reward excellence and share best practice. Learning the Ropes Level 5 Achievers are invited to the LtR Masterclass.

Team members: Stephanie Warboys (ART Awards Leader, LtR Masterclass Organiser), Lesley Belcher, Nicki Lang, The Birmingham School of Bell Ringing (Masterclass), St Martin's Guild (LtR Masterclass)


Educational Development Team

Develops ART teaching and learning schemes, books, DVDs, teaching toolboxes, and online learning resources. Volunteers join the team as they develop products for which they have a passion. If you have something that you'd like to develop why not contact Tim?

Team members: Tim Sunter


The Goverance team

The governance team sets the strategic direction for ART and makes sure that the management committee effectively manages the organisation and ensures that it fulfils all its legal obligations, including to the Charity Commission.

Team members: ART Trustees and Management Commitee, Heather Peachey and Phillip George (Equality Panel) and Adam Knight-Markiegi (data analysis)


Finance Team

Develops ART's financial plan, reports against budget and manages financial transactions. Responsible for the ART Supporters Scheme and sponsorship of the ART Awards.

Team members: Sue Dixon, Gill Hughes, Anne Sladen, Christine Langton, John Harpole, Lesley Belcher (ART Supporters), Stephanie Warboys (ART Award sponsors) and Chris Ridley (Independent Examiner)


ART for teachers and ringers

Events, newsletters and articles for teachers everywhere, including: our quarterly newsletter - Tower Talk; the ART Conference; and Teaching Tips for the Ringing World and Guilds and Associations.

Team members: Ruth Suggett, Sonia Field, Morag Todd and David Smith (Tower Talk), Lesley Belcher (ART Conference), Heather Peachey, Helen McGregor and Chris de Cordova (Teaching Tips)

ART's commitment to its volunteers

We want your time volunteering with ART to be both successful and enjoyable. To make this happen we want to give you the support and tools to enable you to become a valued member of the ART team. If you need anything to help you perform your role better, please talk to us. We would be happy to provide you with software, hardware or training and we will pay any expenses you incur whilst volunteering with ART.

We understand that people volunteer for different reasons and we'd be very happy to tailor a volunteering role with ART to suit your needs and motivations.

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