A half day workshop, that introduces you to lots of ideas and guides you through building your personal recruitment and retention plan, whether for your band or your local branch or district.

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Workshop objectives

The objective of the workshop is to help you develop a ten-point recruitment and retention plan specific to your needs and situation.


Two online sessions on different days:

  • Session 1 (2 hours) - presentations and faciliatated discussion groups.
  • Session 2 (1 to 2 hours) - plan refinement and recruitment support.

Course content

Session 1 will concentrate on:

  • Planning for recruitment and retention.
  • Getting new recruits through the door.
  • Keeping everybody happy.

At the end of Session 1 you will be asked to start developing your personal 10-point recruitment and retention plan.

Session 2 will concentration on:

  • Refining your 10-point plan.
  • Developing your support network


The workshop is suitable for Tower Captains, aspiring Tower Captains, Trainers, Branch or Guild officials, and anybody else who might be interested in recruitment.

Workshop Leader

As a workshop leader you will be provided with:

  • Help with marketing the workshop
  • Action plans to help you organise the day
  • PowerPoint slides & notes
  • Workshop handouts

If you'd like to run an ART workshop in your local are then please contact Graham Nabb. We would be delighted to work with you.