A flexible half day workshop. By the end of the workshop each participant should have a structure to follow, and ideas on how to either support a small group starting to use handbells or have started their own handbell journey.

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Workshop objectives

A flexible half day workshop. By the end of the workshop each participant should understand: the correct technique for ‘handling’ handbells, how to develop rhythm and pace, how to practice hunting two bells at the same time, and how to approach method ringing on handbells.


Theory interspersed with lots of practical exercises to try out on the day.

The theory and practical work follows the structure of the Learning the Ropes handbell scheme which is fully supported by ART.

Course content

The workshop focuses on the basic techniques of method ringing on handbells. Starting with the foundation skills (posture, rhythm, striking) it quickly moves on to essential hunting exercises and explains how to progress beyond hunting to method ringing.

Provides a clear direction to develop basic change ringing skills using a variety of methods, with theory and fun exercises to gain a clear understanding of how methods work.

Delegates will be supplied with a Handbell Personal Progress Logbook (included in the fee to ART).


For those with little or no experience of method ringing on handbells who may be looking to develop their own handbell skills, explore handbells as an aid to teaching tower-bell ringing, and/or start a handbell group.

Workshop Leader

As a workshop leader you will be provided with:

  • Help with marketing the workshop
  • PowerPoint slides, videos & notes
  • Student notes
  • Workshop handouts

You should encourage delegates to register for the Learning the Ropes handbell scheme prior to the course and look at the information available.

If you'd like to run an ART workshop in your local are then please contact Graham Nabb. We would be delighted to work with you.