Rhythm and pace

If you listen to the YouTube recordings of handbell ringing in the sidebar you'll hear how rhythmical the ringing is (on higher numbers it can almost be hypnotic) and how quickly handbells are rung. It takes time and practice to be this good but it is easier to strike well on handbells than on tower bells.


The rhythm of handbells is the same as tower bells including the need for a full handstroke gap at the lead.

Ring your bells in the right place, even if someone else doesn't. There is no natural rhythm to handbells and big gaps in a change need to be avoided otherwise everyone forgets their place and the ringing just stops.

When you're practising on your own, you can slow down the speed of the ringing and gradually increase it when your have learnt something.

Usually the tenors set and keep the pace.

Ringing by rhythm and place

If you're new to ringing or rely on ringing tower bells by ropesight you will need to learn about ringing by rhythm and place. This YouTube video explains these concepts and has various exercises for you to try during or afterwards. You can practise using a ringing simulator.

Lockdown handbells – Easter morning 2020

Handbell Performance at the ASCY Anniversary Dinner 2019

Stedman Triples on handbells at Parramatta