The Correct Ringing Position

Demonstration of correct handling

When not ringing

  • Lie the bell down on their side, not mouth down, to protect the spring.
  • Don’t clash the bells together – they go out of tune.
  • Inter-lock handles with a 90° turn.

Ringing position

  • Rivets up or down – consistency to preserve handles.
  • Posture, feet flat, back straight.
  • Resting knuckles on knees after the down stroke.
  • Don't rest the bell on your leg as this kills the hum of the bell.

Ringing rounds

  • Make sure on the up stroke that the clapper finishes at rest on the lower lip of the bell (the side of the bell closest to you) – this avoids double clappering on the next down stroke.
  • There must be no movement in the leather handle, a firm grip on the handle and then no flex in the leather either on up stroke or the down.
  • Flick of the wrist – not a town crier.
  • Open handstrokes at the lead.
  • Count the sounds of the bells and anticipate your place.