Chairman's Chatter


2022 was the year in which ringing really got its act together after Covid. ART has played its part, and we, too, have seen a steady return to operational normality. During 2022:

  • ART ran 59 day courses for 525 delegates
  • 905 new ringers were registered on the Learning the Ropes scheme
  • 59 teachers were accredited
  • ART made a surplus of £484

This is the record for the number of day courses run in a year, and thanks must go to the Course Organises, ART Tutors, David Sparling as Tutor Coordinator, and the ART Admin team for making this happen. In parallel, we’ve seen the number of LtR registrations increase month by month, accelerated at the end of the year by the Ring for the King appeal. This is continuing into 2023, and so far this year over 200 new ringers have been added to the scheme. Teacher accreditations have taken longer to recover, and last year the total was about a third of that seen before the pandamic. This is something the ART Management Team will be monitoring and looking to increase during this year.

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