Which comms platform do I use?


We’ve put together some posters to help you keep your bands and towers together online.

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We’re team players, working together to ring, to teach and be appreciated for good ringing and regular commitment to our communities. We teach our ringers the value of ringing at other towers, knowing they’ll soon learn the welcome they’ll receive from ringers anywhere, which may well include the pub, or a ringers’ tea!

However, currently we are unable to ring. As the lockdown measures are gradually eased we will all be looking at every aspect of our lives to see how we can adjust to keep ourselves and our community safe but until then we can maintain that bond.There are lots of different ways to keep in touch, and it’s not difficult. Online communication options are expanding, if you didn’t feel the need before, then now is the time to keep everyone connected. Choose the one that works for your band – if you don’t know how, we'll bet someone in your band does.

Authors: Deb Baker, Alison Everett and Emily Ashton