2021 ART Awards Ceremony

The results of this year’s ART Awards will be announced at the ART Awards Ceremony which will be held by Zoom on Saturday 6 March at 18:00. This is an invitation for you to join us online to celebrate, recognise and reward so many of the amazing things that individuals, groups of ringers, ringing teachers and leaders have been doing to secure and sustain the future of the activity we love: ringing.

Based on the rich and diverse nominations received, it’s great to see that the pandemic has resulted in ringers’ creativity coming to the fore. It’s been wonderful to hear of the implementation of new approaches, the development of astonishing technical innovation and it has shone a light on selfless sharing, generous giving of time and talents and commitment to and care for our fellow ringers.

I’d like to give my personal thanks to all those who have taken the time and trouble to nominate others, whose dedication and passion has galvanised or inspired them. It’s time-consuming and challenging to prepare a good nomination – and we’ve had plenty that are heartening, uplifting and show great pride in what has been achieved!

Please join me and the Judges, Julia Cater, Colin Newman and Jonathan Townsend online on Saturday 6 March for an uplifting hour featuring many of the things that are so great about bell ringing. Attendance is free but it is necessary to sign up and book so that we can send you a link to the ceremony.

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