50 Virtual Ringing Things

Welcome to 50 Virtual Ringing Things! The place to explore the world of virtual ringing and the many different activities that hook fellow bell ringers into this additive hobby.

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The challenges cover simulator software, online ringing, handbells and the enigmatically named tail ends (things that don't fit into the other categories). And when you’ve ticked off a challenge yourself you can share your experience on the 50 Things Facebook group.

The scheme is targeted at those who are new to ringing in the virtual world, however I am sure that just like the original 50 Ringing Things there will be competitions between experienced virtual ringers to see who will be the first to get their Gold certificate.

For you collectors out there (and there are one or two in bell ringing) you will receive your 50 Ringing Things certificates when you’ve ticked off the right number of challenges. Remember, only challenges completed after registering on the scheme count!

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Another way of keeping people involved in ringing. Part of the ART/CCCBR survival and recovery toolbox.


Judith Frye, ART Tutor