ART Conference 2020 Presentations

It feels so strange that the ART Conference finished just over a week ago; events have moved on so quickly since then, with ringing being shut down for three or four months, if not longer. The presenters did a great job sharing ideas and stimulating new ones and if you’d like to revisit any of the presentations or view any of the ones you might have missed then they are available on the ART website.

» View conference presentations

Whilst the live streams are available on the ART YouTube channel which also hosts the videos Richard Grimmett used in his presentation, look in the ART Conference 2020 playlist.

» Live-stream conference videos

The conference weekend was a great demonstration of how the CCCBR, RW and ART can work so well together. There is more and more mingling of volunteers across all three organisations and more and more discussion about how we can work in partnership to help and further bell ringing. I believe this collaboration will become even more evident in the next year – whatever the year might bring.

Finally, the Ringing World is offering a discount to new subscribers who attended the ART Conference. If you don’t already subscribe then now seems a good time to do it – the Ringing World will be playing its part in giving ringers and ringing teachers their “fix” until our bells can ring out again.

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