Become a Recovery Champion

Are you thinking about the ringing recovery. If so, why not join the Recovery Champion network and see what others are doing.

Who can be a Recovery Champion?

Anyone can. That is anyone who is interested in helping ringing recover after the pandemic and is looking to do this beyond their local band.

They don’t have to be ringing society officers or appointees. Although if you’re not, it might be a good idea to let your local ringing society know that you’ve volunteered to be a Recovery Champion.

We currently have over 120 registered Recovery Champions. Some represent small branches and clusters, others whole guilds. Some guilds are organising themselves with one Recovery Champion who joins the network with a number of local champions working alongside them in the guild. As meetings are held online there are no restrictions on network numbers – the more the merrier.

What would a Recovery Champion do?

They share, communicate and plan. They might or might not organise and do.

They join the Recovery Champions network (hosted by the CCCBR and ART) and are invited to attend monthly network meetings and receive Survival and Recovery communications via email.

They share information and ideas with those around them, either themselves or through others. The network aspires to reach all ringers, so each Recovery Champion should try to find ways of doing this in their own area.

They plan for recovery, working out which bands need particular help and also looking across bands to identify opportunities and needs – e.g. training and new ways of organising ringing.

What help do Recovery Champions get?

Existing Recovery Champions really value the sharing of ideas across the network and the support given – it’s comforting to know you’re not the only person tackling this problem. There have already been some “Eureka” moments resulting from network presentations.

We are looking at how we can practically help Recovery Champions. We’ve already helped people develop local surveys and are now developing planning templates. For those who need it, we’re exploring how to give one-on-one help, advice and support.

Do you have to join the Recovery Champion network?

No you don’t.

Obviously there is no sharing and mutual support in a network of one, but if you don’t want to join that’s perfectly fine. We support anybody working to make the return of ringing a success and we will make as much as we can available to everyone. That includes the Toolbox, presentations, survey templates, and recordings of network meetings. We won’t share presentations and recordings if they inhibit open discussion or are considered sensitive in any way.

And finally

If you are interested in helping ringing recover after the pandemic and are looking to do this beyond your local band, why not join the Recovery Champion network? In the words of Noel Gibbin, Surrey Association Master and Recovery Champion: "The Recovery initiative is vital to the future of ringing. As individuals, societies and the leading organisations we all need to play our part and work together to make the recovery happen. The Recovery Champions will play an important part in ensuring it will be a success.”

To join the network, please contact Annie Hall at