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With the hope that we will soon all be able to meet up in larger groups and start ringing together, we have put together a series of presentations to illustrate examples of good practice. These presentations will be hosted online during the week commencing Saturday 8th May and are aimed at anyone who is wanting to make the ringing recovery a success.

Q&A panel session

Early in the programme there is to be a Q&A session with a panel ready to answer any questions that may have been bothering you about getting going again. The final composition of the panel for the Q&A session has yet to be decided. Lesley Belcher and Simon Linford are definites but the rest will be selected in an attempt to give the best answer possible; that is the reason why we are requesting that questions are submitted in advance. To submit a question in advance for the Q&A session send an email to Annie Hall.

Online beer tasting

The week concludes with a social event,an online beer tasting, only available to those who have joined in at least one of the other presentations. This is to be led by Hayley Young, a production brewer, who lives in Cornwall; she has been involved in this type of presentation before. Like the beer these have gone down well!

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Building better relationships with your church

The Revd Max Drinkwater of the The Guild of Clerical Ringers explores strategies for promoting a high-quality working relationship between ringers and the church.

» Register for presentation on Saturday 8 May at 16:00

Q & A Evening hosted by Andrew Kelso

Here’s your chance to quiz the panel with all your ringing recovery questions. To submit a question in advance for the Q&A session send an email to Annie Hall.

» Register for Q&A Evening on Saturday 8 May at 19:30

How to re-establish ringing in your village

Debbie Phipps will explore ways to promote and grow ringing in your village band.

» Register for presentation on Sunday 9 May at 16:00

Getting bells and towers in order

David Bassford and Alison Hodge give Some practical hints and reminders to make sure that everything is in order and as safe as possible before we enjoy ringing again.

» Register for presentation on Sunday 9 May at 19:30

Managing expectations

Clare McArdle and Arthur Reeves reflect on the challenge facing ringing teachers as a result of the pandemic, and offer ideas for managing the expectations of lockdown learners.

» Register for presentation on Monday 10 May at 19:30

Attracting and keeping ringers

Sonia Field and Steph Pendlebury share ideas that promote effective recruitment and retention.

» Register for presentation on Tuesday 11 May at 19:30

Holding a successful practice

Lesley Boyle shares some top tips for a holding a ringing practice that meets the needs of everybody.

» Register for presentation on Wednesday 12 May at 19:30

Developing a ringing cluster

Vinni Sullivan talks about how a pre-pandemic ringing hub of six towers was built and how it might work for you.

» Register for presentation on Thursday 13 May at 19:30

Online beer tasting hosted by Hayley Young

We invite you to the Social Event of the Year... online beer tasting... yay!

One point to bear in mind is that the online beer tasting will only be available to those who have joined in at least one of the other presentations. We will be checking!

» Register for the online beer tasting on Friday 14 May at 19:30

Ringing schools – town and country

Clare McArdle describes the development of the Birmingham School of Bell Ringing, whilst Frank Seabright explains how its founding principles were applied in the Ledbury Branch of the Herefordshire Guild.

» Register for presentation on Sunday 16 May at 16:00

Lesley Belcher, ART Chair
Simon Linford, President CCCBR