Learning to ring handbells

One of the activities that ringers have turned to for their "ringing fix" has been handbells. It started with family quarter peals of Minimus, moved on to Ringing Room and has now moved on again into people's gardens.

But how do you teach and how do you learn to ring handbells? One thing is for sure, if you tackle it as though you're ringing two separate bells you'll either implode or deserve a PhD.

ART has pulled together a YouTube playlist about learning to ring handbells starting with a recorded webinar, followed by some short videos showing the ringing positions and how they fit together to form methods.

» Learn to ring handbells YouTube playlist

In some of the videos you'll see some red and blue lego blocks. They relate to a Ringing with Pens article in which Helen McGregor talks you through starting to learn to ring all on your own. Part two of this article will be out soon.

You might also consider consider taking part in the Learning the Ropes Handbell scheme which anyone can join.

» Join the Learning the Ropes Handbell scheme

There will be more over the next few weeks, but if you haven't already, why don't you give handbells a go? In the words of some Norfolk ladies in Mary Jones's inspiring and stimulating blog:

It is surprising what can be achieved in a month if you set your mind to it and do not mind the ants and other distractions of a Norfolk summer garden. The Clanging Belles rule!

You can purchase the LtR Handbells Personal Progress Logbook at the ART online shop - https://shop.bellringing.org

Lesley Belcher