Len Roberts becomes an ART Patron

I am really pleased to announce that Len Roberts has become an ART Patron, joining our other patrons: Helen McGregor, Peter Bevis and Paul Flavell.

Len started ringing in 2011 and since then he has been very active in the Mere Branch of the SDGR and is currently Chairman of the Branch. Len has been a staunch supporter and advocate of ART since attending a Module 1 in 2017 and he is now a Full Member of ART and a keen user of the Learning the Ropes scheme.

Various health problems mean that Len now rings a bit less than he'd wish, but he's always keen to help others, whether it's by preparing a bell ringing tea, finding a wall he can lean against whilst ringing or financially supporting ART.

Thank you Len, for your generous contributions to ringing.

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