Online Teaching Forum - August 22

After-course support for teachers and mentors is really important but it's not always worked as well as we'd have liked or you deserve. We've struggled a bit with how to improve things. Now, the more wide-spread use of online meetings gives us an opportunity to offer online support. So, this online forum is for:

  • Teachers looking for new ideas or struggling to see how they can progress.
  • Teachers teaching in isolation, without the support of an active mentor.
  • Mentors who's got too many mentees.
  • Mentors wanting to find out more about the role.

We’re hosting an online gathering on Sunday 22 August at 19.30. It will start with a 15-minute, presentation by Paul Lewis, one of our most experienced ART Tutors. The presentation, “Feedback – our critical friend”, will be followed by an open discussion, with an opportunity to take discussions offline if required. A bit of an experiment, this one, so the format might evolve with time.

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Paul Lewis
ART Standards