Ring out for ART

I would think that for many of you, ART has always been there: with Tower Talk, the Learning the Ropes scheme, the ART Awards and the Learning the Ropes Masterclass. It’s all just part of learning to ring. Brilliant! but in fact, ART will be ten years old on Friday 4 March 2022 and that’s something to celebrate.

The best way to celebrate is by Ringing out for ART in the days around this anniversary. Ring out with something that you and your band enjoy, maybe even something that ART has introduced you to – rounds on six, 40 changes of Switch-a-roo, handbells, eBells, a teacher’s quarter peal, a LtR Achiever’s touch – whatever works for you.

It would be great if you can add your performance to BellBoard; if you can add a footnote and link your performance to the event – ART’s tenth birthday – we can all join together to celebrate as the Learning the Ropes community. It seems a great reason to ring something special, and to say thank you to ART’s volunteers; without them none of what for you is normal, would happen.

» Link your performance to the BellBoard event


Lesley Belcher
ART Chair