Ringing Room for teachers - workshop

If you’ve been ignoring Ringing Room up to now or had a go and it really didn’t click with your band, here’s an opportunity to try it out again – with expert technical help and new ideas about teaching online. In the words of one user ‘it’s easier than you think!’ We’ve had some complete technophobes on the pilots who’ve left as Ringing Room converts. And it contains plenty of ideas about maintaining the interest of all the band.

So we’re rolling out an ART workshop on running a virtual Ringing Room practice alongside Zoom. It will be a mix of theory and practical, supported by how-to videos and teaching tips gathered from experienced teachers. The workshop is free and will last approximately 90 minutes.

This workshop is for those who are looking to lead practices on Ringing Room. There is also a need to have the right equipment – a keyboard is essential.

Remember it will be many months before we are able to teach ringing again. This new workshop will help you get the most out of lockdown ringing. And, of course, online ringing will still be useful even when we can start teaching and practising again. There’s a real sense that blended learning including tower bells, handbells and online ringing will be with us even when the pandemic is over.

Please email Denise (denise.tremain@bellringing.org) to register your interest and we'll be in touch with details and times.