Tower Talk 16 - special lockdown edition

No sooner had we published April’s Tower Talk than we knew with certainty that another one had to go out, and soon! There is so much going on at every level of ringing, some of it the ordinary day to day banter but using Skype and WhatsApp, but a lot of it excitingly experimental. We have tried to cover as broad a range as we can. From technological developments right through to a St Martin’s Guild Bake-off, songs, poems and webinars, a handbell tutorial using red and blue pens and reflections of how ringing gives us a sense of identity – there is something for everyone. And if you’re just discovering all this for the first time, we have developed some handy ‘How To’ visual guides. At the very least it’s a hello from your community to let you know that while ringing may have stopped, ringers haven’t and their ingenuity and sociability seems boundless. So dip in and take part, if you’re not already!

As there's so much for you to be doing we've included a handy set of links for you. Enjoy!

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Ruth Suggett
Editor, Tower Talk

Useful links

Videos & Podcasts

» A series of short YouTube videos to help you get the most out of Abel - study and improve your listening and striking skills from the comfort of your home

» Listen to a special podcast episode to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day together with many other FunwithBells podcast articles

» Starting to upload videos then here's some YouTube hints and tips on filming

» The humble blue line - know how to use it practically when learning a method

» Join Mark Robbins as he introduces us to the more advanced concepts of Plain Bob Doubles

» A challenge to help your ringing with pens! Follow instructions on page 18 of this edition of Tower Talk and watch the YouTube video

» All you need to know about learning to ring handbells

» So you want something to do with all the time you have? St Martins Guild share a series of training sessions using Zoom

» And the Lewisham District are recording an eclectic range of webinars

Web links

» A little peek into the bell restoration project at Lychett Matravers

» ART rings out thanks to Mike Rigby, Editor of Tower Talk

» Simulation opportunities - purchase and download Abel & Mobel

» Ringing Room - a virtual bell tower specifically for ringers to continue ringing with one another even when socially distanced. Register for free and have a go!

» Ringing, laughter & catch-ups using Zoom virtual technology - it's free! It's what we all need right now …

» 50 Shades of Ringing Things - a must read!

» Useful teaching resources shared by Tulloch Ringing Centre and Alderney Bells

» Muster using computer keys to ring your bells, with the virtual platform 'Muster'

» Handbell Stadium, a ringing platform to simulate handbell ringing

» Why not make more of the Learn the Ropes Handbells scheme. Join today!

» The Cambridge District have compiled some constantly evolving ringing resources

» The Surrey Association have built a new community website for lockdown with a great list of learning resources


» Puzzle Corner page to download and puzzle at home like a pro!

» Everything you will want to know about blue lines with Stephen Burr's webinar

» Are you missing ringing and your ringing friends? What's the best way of working together to ring and to have fun - here are some quick help guides with lots of ideas

» Looking for some inspiration to keep in touch with your bell ringing. Why not try these daily challenges – one for each day of the month?

Ruth Suggett - Editor

Alongside its regular features, this edition of Tower Talk includes:

  • Bells and Belonging
  • Behind the scenes at Tower Talk
  • Ringing at Home
  • Puzzle Corner
  • The True Story of Ringing in World War II
  • You Can YouTube
  • YouTube Competition
  • Want to be a YouTube Star?
  • Webinars – two reviews
  • No ringing? At all?
  • The Zoom Room Song
  • Keeping a Band Motivated
  • How do you stay in touch?
  • ‘Staying in touch’ posters
  • Merry Christmas, Bell Ringers
  • Base Camp to Summit – Virtual Handbells
  • Ringing with Pens
  • When can we next ring together?
  • St Martin’s Guild – “Going online”
  • Learning online – a student’s view
  • Some of the 50 Ringing Things you can do now!
  • Challenging Times