Tower Talk 20 - the newsletter by ringers, for ringers

The much-anticipated – in the UK – date of 21 June has come and gone, yet ringing still remains restricted in most places around the world. Many ringers have made a tentative return to the tower and many more are thinking about what it will be like for them after such a long absence. As well as sharing some thoughts and feelings about this, we are also including some useful tips and suggestions for how to approach a return to ringing, and where in the Learning the Ropes scheme you could pick up again.

For many who were only just starting out when ringing stopped, returning might possibly be a daunting prospect with mixed emotions, but getting back together with your band, in the tower, in the pub (or outside it) is a great feeling, even with limitations. As young ringer Jayden Newton tells us on pages 18 and 19, the best way to get back to ringing is just do it – you won’t have forgotten. So don’t worry or anticipate problems. It is great to see how many people have just started ringing again and have found it actually comes back almost immediately. And often, better!

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Alongside its regular features, this edition of Tower Talk includes:

  • A new venture – Devon Call Changes
  • ‘Sixty on thirds’ – What does it mean?
  • Understanding Call Changes
  • Back to the Tower
  • Puzzle Corner
  • Princesses are not Quitters
  • How was it for you?
  • Something to focus on
  • Hello, my name is Rachel
  • Bi-Centenary Chimes
  • Look! No ropes
  • The Poacher turned Gamekeeper
  • Covering
  • Roos Ringers Road to Recovery
  • Answers to puzzles

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Ruth Suggett
Editor, Tower Talk