Tower Talk 25 - the newsletter by ringers, for ringers

Achievements, great and small – this is what this new year edition of Tower Talk is focusing on.

Each week, ringers everywhere are taking small steps towards their goal, whether that is being a reliable member of a Sunday service band, conquering a small handling issue they have found difficult, or taking on a new method, ringing a quarter or even a peal.

Whatever the goal, and however long it takes to get there, we celebrate every success and salute the effort and determination to achieve it.

With the Coronation coming up in May, there will be many bands and individual ringers setting themselves some goals and looking forward to sharing success with fellow ringers. Not every ringing achievement is recorded on Bellboard or printed in The Ringing World, but we would like to invite you to share your achievements in our next edition of Tower Talk, so please email your stories and photographs to:

» Download the February 2023 edition of Tower Talk

Alongside its regular features, the February edition of Tower Talk includes:

  • Much Trepidation at Much Hadham
  • Avoiding Housework
  • Handbell Fun at Harrow-on-the-Hill
  • A Weekend of Grandsire
  • Puzzle Corner
  • Thank you, Teachers
  • News from the North East
  • One Year On
  • Going for Gold at St Mary’s, Frampton
  • My First Peal
  • The First Pealer’s Club
  • Ringing for the Coronation
  • Meet the Band
  • The Bells Called Me
  • Images Right and Wrong
  • A Shutdown Hobby Turned Mission
  • Answers to Puzzles

If you have enjoyed Tower Talk why not forward this edition to your ringing friends so that they feel part of this amazing community which stretches right around the world.

Ruth Suggett
Editor, Tower Talk