M1: 18 March 2023 - Shroton

I recently attended the Association of Ringing Teachers’ Module 1 Bell Handling course at Shroton, which was tutored by Paul Lewis. I have been ringing for several years but only recently became involved in teaching, under the guidance of an experienced ringer. The course was an opportunity to put some structure around the process of teaching, and also reassure me of the things I was doing right.

We received emails beforehand to manage our expectations for the course and on arrival we were presented with a very well-considered agenda for the day, along with a folder of support materials. It turned out to be a nice balance of theory with projector and screen, and then heading to the ropes to put everything into practice. Paul made it clear that this was very much an opening day to encourage ongoing learning and practice with our developing teaching. Ongoing support leading to accreditation is offered through a mentoring system and online learning, which we are encouraged to make the most of.

This day course had plenty of breaks throughout (with excellent cakes and lunch!). Our practical sessions were easy going and very much in the spirit of all learning together. Everyone was very supportive and we were all encouraged to share our own experiences.

It would not be the most interesting read to list out all of the people who made the day such a success, but special mention should go to Paul who was very easy going and encouraging, and also Sue Bateman, Debbie Phipps and Len Roberts who very much ‘made the day happen’. In short though, an excellent day, lovely company and I have to say delicious food!

Thank you - it was a pleasure to learn so much from Paul as tutor and from all those who attended.

John Beauchamp

Course Tutor: Paul Lewis

Teaching Bell Handling

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