M1: 19 Jan 2013 - Yatton

I attended this course with some trepidation. My own ringing was bound to come under scrutiny! Was I responsible for introducing bad practice to countless novices? My worries were soon assuaged. Graham wasclearly an expert ringer with faultless technique but he cared aboutringing with a passion. That passion was infectious and we all followed his every word. Advice to us was constructive and positive. Heshowed us some really useful training techniques that put to rest ourfears about breaking stays.

The concept of a proper, accredited teaching programme is long overdue. This course was a great introduction. There was a good mix of rigour, humour and demonstration. He also challenged some widely held assumptions about how often and how long a trainee should learn. Practice night may well not be the right time to bring on learners. Graham was clear in his advice to us in that we, the teachers, had work to do and we had to practice.

I have been inspired to try harder, be more methodical and seek help and advice when necessary.

John Neal

I’d like to thank you both for organising and delivering the course which was excellent in all respects. I learnt a huge amount and look forward to putting it into practice. Although that’s somewhat daunting, its reassuring to know that I have recourse to on-line resources and the support of other teachers and mentors.

My one suggestion is that I’d like to see experienced ringers, who teach regularly, encouraged to go on the course even if they don’t have the time or inclination to take it any further. It would give them an understanding of the ITTS approach and help standardise teaching methods – and they may even change their mind!

Jan Swan

Robert & I very much enjoyed the course. So pleased we managed to make it on Friday and thank you for being patient about the time we arrived! I personally felt I took away a lot of very useful tips with me and now feel I’ll have a totally different approach to teaching. Graham was excellent in the way he presented everything. Nice to meet you all.

Nicki Williams


Course Tutor: Graham Nabb

Teaching Bell Handling

Practical advice for teachers, right from the first lesson.

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